Amateur Radio Licensing Procedure

The steps provided below indicate the sequence of events in assessing an amateur license application. However, these may be reviewed and amended in accordance to rules and regulations that may be changed as required.

1. Reception of application that contains;

a. Duly completed application form indicating renewal or new application.
b. An application that specifies whether it is for renewal or new application.
c. A copy of passport depicting information page; and visa (if applicable) – for foreign applicant.
d. A copy of passport, Driving License or Voter Registration card for local applicant.
e. Other amateur licenses issued to the applicant.
f. Police clearance report of applicant’s country of residence.
g. Intended call sign to be issued with license.

2.Application fee specified on the fee schedule is paid.

3.Lead time for such approval is 1 to 2 weeks.

4.Bank details for direct funds transfer to TAF are:

Account name:Consolidated Fund Account – TAF
Account number: 7709554
Bank Name:Bank South Pacific
BSB Number:069-001