1) Any service provider that supplies telecommunications services to consumers must comply with the following requirements and the prescribed requirements;
(a) service providers must provide all of the terms and conditions applying to the provision of telecommunications services to consumers in a manner that is simple to understand;
(b) no service provider must make a statement or representation that is, or in all the circumstances in which it is made may be construed as being false or misleading regarding the terms and conditions on which a telecommunications service is provided (including price, quality, features and conditions of any service or product);
(c) service providers must charge consumers only for services and products ordered or used;
(d) service providers must bill consumers periodically and in accordance with the prescribed requirements;
(e) service providers must keep information about consumers confidential, including billing information and call information, except to the extent necessary to publish any public telecommunications directory, enable billing of the consumer or to address fraud or bad debt; and
(f) service providers must formulate and submit to the Authority for its approval a simple, transparent and non-discriminatory complaints handling procedure for dealing with consumer complaints and disputes, and service providers must comply with such approved procedure.
2) Regulations made under section 82 may prescribe matters relating to the relations amongst licensees, service providers and consumers, including resolution of consumer complaints, quality of service, service level guarantees, fault response and repair timeframes, the Authority’s role in providing public awareness and any other matter as the Authority considers appropriate to protect consumers.
(3) Subsection (1) and the provisions of any regulations made to give effect to this section apply without limiting the generality of the Fair Trading Decree and its application to telecommunications in any way.