Equipment Type Approval Procedure

The steps provided below indicate the sequence of events in assessing equipment type approval applications. However, these may be reviewed and amended in accordance to rules and regulations that may be changed as required.

  1. Receipt of application that includes relevant documentation such as:

a. All technical documentation of the equipment in soft/hard copy.
b. Certificate of Approval from the equipment manufacturer to the type approval (‘TA’) agent.
c. Declaration of equipment conformity to international standards.
d. Certificate of equipment conformity to such standards.
e. Equipment test reports from FCC or CE or Australia or ITU recognized test laboratories.
f. Type approval certification(s) from Australia and/or New Zealand.

  1. Application fee of FJ$109.00 (VIP) must be paid with the lodgment of application to the TAF.
  2. Assessment of international standard conformity by the TAF, to ensure compatibility to the local telecommunication infrastructure and environmental safety.
  3. The timeframe for processing a type approval is 10 working days.
  4. You may need to provide an equipment sample, upon requirement of the TAF, with comprehensive descriptions, certifications and photos of the equipment.
  5. A type approved certificate is valid for the life of particular equipment, and need not be renewed. The certification becomes null and void if there is any amendment of the product.
  6. Equipment type approved in Fiji must depict one of the following:
    a. A (tick); Australia approved certificates,
    b. CE on equipment granted approval in European Union and
    c. FCC certificate.
  7. Common certification for a series or family of models is not granted. Each equipment type must be Type Approved.
  8. Bank details for direct funds transfer to TAF are:
Account name:Consolidated Fund Account – TAF
Account number: 7709554
Bank Name:Bank South Pacific
BSB Number:069-001