National Emergency Numbers

The Authority is responsible for the oversight of all national emergency numbers and emergency communications services.
A provider of voice telecommunications services must provide access to emergency numbers to their subscribers free of charge.
The Authority must ensure such services are maintained to the highest standards practicable and that all carriers allocate priority and sufficient quality of capacity on their networks to ensure the expedient transmission of emergency calls to appropriate services.

910National Fire Authority
913EFL Emergency
915National Disaster Management Office
917Police Emergency Service
919Crime Stoppers Help Line
158Covid -19 Help Line
1508WAF – Labasa
1523Ministry of Agriculture
1539Covid-19 Maritime Response Help Line
5857Fiji National Provident Fund Help Line
163Ministry of Industry, Trade, Tourism & Transport
166Ministry of Communication Vaccination lottery
161Ministry of Economy Covid-19 Food Ration Help Line
1527Ministry of Economy – Student Transport Assistance Help Line
165Ministry of Health – Covid-19 Travelling Pass